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Made With Paper


Shasta Daisies

Made With Paper

So beautiful!

Made With Paper

Made With Paper



Don’t miss the New York Times’ special feature, "The World’s Ball."

Made With Paper by adoodlinby

Maybe this is a better way to do this! #adoodlinby! Way to go Jay!



Tumblr Radar @ #wagonized! So exciting!

Look what I found this morning , Jay !
@adoodlinby! Yahoo!

Made With Paper



This is awesome!

Made With Paper

#made with paper. My 1st post through the app…



Yahoo!!! Look what I found @adoodlinby #madewithpaper. #paper.

(via tumblr-radar)

Asker smoothcut Asks:
Nice blog! So good to see your progress as an artist. You should be proud of yourself! By the way, I don't know if you're still having trouble with Pencil, but I reviewed 5 different styluses on my blog. You might find that helpful. My best wishes - Dave
5pops 5pops Said:

Hi Dave! Thank you so much, that is very kind of you. I’m really just a “doodler” but have always enjoyed coloring 😉I am having a little trouble, but seems to be intermittent. It’s a little frustrating when in your in the middle of something. I will for sure check out your reviews on your blog! Love the wonderful community here…it’s great making new friends! Your art is amazing! And thank you for saying hello! ~ Cherie (5Pops)


Made with paper

Made with paper